RSES Hosts Training in Painted Post, NY

On January 16th 2010, the Northeast chapters of RSES hosted an all day training event featuring two wonderful, informative courses: "Troubleshooting and Servicing Condensing Boilers" presented by Mr. Marty Haurin of Triangle Tube, and "Advanced Electrical Circuits for the HVAC Technician" presented by Mr. Art Miller, CMS of the Community College of Allegheny.

Triangle Tube's condensing boilers feature a unique stainless steel heat exchanger with an amazing down firing design which permits the condensate to continually wash the heat exchanger during operation. The result is better heat transfer over time as the boiler has less tendency to build up soot or scale which impedes the efficient transfer of heat generated by the burner to the heat distribution medium. Mr. Haurin did a fine job of presenting the technology surrounding the Triangle Tube products and capped it off with a demonstration from a mobile trailer equipped with fully functional boilers. Frankly, we found it amazing. For more information on Triangle Tube products please visit Triangle Tube's website.

After a fine lunch in Pierri's Central Restaurant proceedings recommenced with Mr. Miller's brain busting session. Troubleshooting techniques were discussed with specific attention paid to the value of reading and understanding wiring diagrams by converting them in to ladder diagrams. The course was challenging and we suggest that any one who is interested in a career in the HVAC field could not to better than to contact the Community College of Allegheny County.

Altogether, the training was well worth the seven hour round trip drive time required on our part to attend. We did it gladly as we do with all opportunities to learn and improve.

Triangle Tube Heat Exchanger Above: The Triangle Tube stainless steel heat exchanger cut away so the inner workings are revealed.

Marty Haurin explaining Triangle Tube stainless steel heat exchangers Marty Haurin explains the technology behind the Triangle Tube gas boiler on display during the January RSES training exhibit.